Application field of expansion type outlet pipe

Expansion type outlet pipe, also known as expansion pipe, has a wide range of applications in many fields.

The following are its main application areas:

Building water supply and drainage system: in the water supply and drainage system of buildings, the expansion type outlet pipe is mainly used to compensate for the volume change of water caused by temperature change. When the water temperature rises, the water will expand. If there is no proper compensation measures, it may cause excessive pipeline pressure or even rupture. The expansion type outlet pipe can effectively absorb this volume change and ensure the stable operation of the system.

HVAC system: In the HVAC system, the role of the expansion type outlet pipe is particularly prominent. Since the water in the system will expand during the heating process, if there is no proper expansion device, the system pressure will rise rapidly, causing equipment damage or system failure. The expansion outlet pipe can accommodate these excess water and overflow the excess water back to the water tank to keep the system pressure stable.

Fire protection system: In the fire protection system, the expansion type outlet pipe also plays an important role. Since the fire protection system needs to respond to emergencies, the pipeline must be able to withstand high pressure and high temperature. The design of the expansion type outlet pipe can ensure that the system can operate stably and efficiently in case of emergency, and provide reliable water source for fire fighting.

Industrial piping systems: In industrial production, many piping systems need to handle high-temperature or high-pressure fluids. The expanded outlet pipe can adapt to these extreme conditions and ensure the safe operation of the pipeline system. In addition, some special industrial applications also require the pipeline to have waterproof and anti-leakage functions, and the expansion characteristics of the water outlet pipe can meet these needs.

Underground engineering: In underground engineering, such as tunnels, subways and other construction projects, due to the complex and changeable underground environment, the stability and sealing requirements of the pipeline system are extremely high. The expansion type outlet pipe can effectively prevent water leakage and ensure the safety and stability of underground engineering.

In summary, the expansion type outlet pipe has a wide range of applications in many fields, and its excellent expansion performance and water resistance make it an indispensable part of many systems.


Round outlet pipe customization


The wholesale purchase of customized round outlet pipes usually involves multiple factors, including product quality, specifications, size, price, and supplier selection. The wholesale purchase of stainless steel round outlet pipes requires comprehensive consideration of multiple factors, including supplier selection, product quality, price, installation and maintenance. Through careful comparison and selection, you can find the right suppliers and products to meet your needs.

Special-shaped outlet pipe customization


Special-shaped outlet pipes are widely used in the field of sanitary equipment, and their wholesale purchase can usually be carried out through a variety of channels. When buying, don't just focus on price, but also consider factors such as product quality, brand and service. Sometimes, a slightly higher price may lead to a better experience and longer service life.

High-grade faucet outlet elbow is good


High-grade faucet outlet elbow has significant advantages in many aspects, making it an ideal choice for modern sanitary facilities. The stainless steel material itself has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which enables the stainless steel elbow to maintain its good performance and appearance during long-term use. Whether it is hard water or soft water, stainless steel elbows can effectively resist corrosion, thereby extending the service life.